Introduction to Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic Pumps: Available in a variety of oil capacities, and operation methods. The most popular are manually operated, air operated, electrically operated or gas engine operated.


Fittings: These little guys can do a variety of things including adapting from different sized connectors or allowing the addition of a hydraulic gauge into the hydraulic system.


Gauges: Not always required however hydraulic gauges give the operator the system vital information about what is going on in the hydraulic circuit.


Hoses: Hydraulic hoses carry the fluid from the pump to the cylinders and must be properly rated for the pressure that is going to be used in the system.

195212-6 1.5' hose

Cylinders: These are what actually put objects in motion, based on the requirements of the job being performed the cylinder should be where you start and choose the right capacity and minimum and maximum height requirements. The remaining components in the system should match the requirements of the cylinder that is chosen. Cylinders are made of various materials to match the job they are performing most common materials are steel, aluminum and stainless steel.