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  1. 12 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack Model: ZN-12
    A powerful heavy-duty jack with a steel base and 8 ton capacity, ideal for use in the automotive, machinery and construction industry. Learn More
  2. Coupler 1/4 inch NPT regular flow

    Complete 1/4'' regular flow coupler. Fits all Zinko 1/4" automotive application rams, pumps. Also compatible with all other brand name products. 

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  3. Coupler 3/8 inch NPT regular flow (9210308)

    Complete 3/8'' regular flow coupler. Fits all Zinko 3/8" automotive application rams, pumps. Also compatible with all other brand name products. 

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  4. 0.93 Ton (850 kg) Panta Graph Jack in Case Model: ZPJ-850C
    Panta Graph Jack with carry case - Min Ht. 4-3/4" For lifting of wheel on passenger car to replace a tire or install and take off snow chains. Light weight, compact and very easy to operate. Learn More
  5. Industrial Grade Hand Pump Model: ZHP-120

    Model: ZHP-25A 
    Hydraulic Aluminum Hand Operated, Two Speed Pump
    Reservoir Capacity: 25 in3

    Max. Operates:
               1st Stage 300 psi
               2nd Stage 10,000 psi (700 bar)
    Flow at Rated Pressure:
               1st Stage 0.345 in3 / stroke
               2nd Stage 0.086 in3 / stroke

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  6. 10 Ton Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Service Jacks Model: ZSJ-10A

    Regular Price: $437.00

    Special Price $220.00

         We have a limited number of these last run race jacks. The ZSJ-10A is manufactured from aircraft grade billet aluminum and even comes with a seperate repair kit. Do not be fooled by the 1 ton capacity on this unit it will do the job and do it well! This jack is perfect for lifting a single tire off the ground for quick change or service and can even lift the whole rear of the vehicle on mid weight race cars. It lifts from a fully retracted 3.5” minimum height to max lift of 17.5” in approximately 6 pumps.
        This is the lowest price this unit has ever been offered to the public and we are able to do so as we have decided to upgrade this model. Zinko has now discontinued this model to make room for more of their most popular race jacks the ZSJ-15A3 and ZSJ-15A6. All service parts will continue to be available for these units. Act now and get one of these professional quality jacks for a fraction of what others have paid and less than half of what you would pay for Zinko’s similar ZSJ-15A6.

    Excellent match for service on the following vehicles or similar:
    Impala, Mustang, Corvette, Camaro, Avalon, Taurus, M5, LS, Seville, STS, CTS, Passat, Jetta, Miata, Accord, Civic, Prius, TC, Charger, 300C, Magnum, Challenger, Genesis, Golf, Focus, Fusion, Camry, A6, 7 series, S class vehicles, xB, ATS, XR, Panamera, Carrera

    *Special promotion, units are non-returnable or refundunable.
    **Optional wheel kit available at additional cost to upgrade to ZSJ-15A style rear wheels.
    ***Optional dirt track stabilizer used for adjustments on unpaved ground.


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  7. Hydraulic Air Pump Single Speed Model: ZAP-101

    Air Hydraulic Single Speed Pump
    Operates at up to 10,000 psi (700bar)
    Usable oil Capacity: 98 in3

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  8. Automotive Cylinders Model: ZAR-1010T
    Ram, 10 ton 10 inch stroke (threaded). Cylinder is threaded on both ends for use in many different frame machines, easily attaches to threaded platforms to provide 10 tons of lifting or pushing power. Learn More
  9. Tire Inflator (Truck Use) Model: ZTI-31T
    Equipped to work with all standard shraeder valves. Available in multiple configurations with various hose end fittings. 3” dial gauge is easy to read and allows accurate air pressure output. Detachable hoses and fittings allow easy conversion or repair in case of damage. Learn More
  10. Air Impact Wrench Model: ZAW-8310
    3/8'' Air Impact Wrench. Professional grade impact wrenches turn compressed air into rotary motion to easily and efficiently install or remove nuts and bolts or other types of fasteners. Learn More

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