We Are Usually Asked About

  • Where are your products made?

    Our products are exclusively manufactured in Japan and Taiwan.

  • What is the degree of reliability of your products?

    Zinko products are designed for maximum efficiency and reliability, and are designed against ASME and ANSI standards. Our Japanese products boast of extremely low 0.03% defective rate. All Zinko products are supported by our standard 1-year limited warranty.

  • Are Zinko products repairable?

    Our products have a limited warranty and are fully repairable. Item break-downs and troubleshooting directions are posted on our website for your reference, and our representatives are highly trained to field many technical questions. Please feel free to contact us for repair kits, parts availability, or help with any products.

  • What is your standard lead time for backordered items?

    In-stock items typically ship within two business days. However, if an item is not in stock we will provide you with an expected ship date. Our standard lead time for special-order items is 12-16 weeks. We will also work with you to accommodate an expedited order; please give us a call with your delivery requirements at (909) 230-4100.

  • Does Zinko manufacture special order items?

    Zinko has multiple manufacturing capabilities, and specializes in OEM products and services. We work with our customers to understand what their requirements are, and have the ability to design equipment, tooling, and processes specific to the provided OEM drawings and designs.

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