Today we will be showing you how to replace the hydraulic valves in a zinko air power hydraulic foot pump model zap 101.

To begin, start by removing this c-clip on the foot pedal axle now. The axle can be removed in the foot pedal can be lifted off off the pump. Use a five millimeter Allen wrench to remove the four bolts that secure the manifold block and the foot pedal stopper to the pump.

Once the bolts have been removed, the top manifold and the foot pedal stopper can be removed as well. You now have access to the pressure and release valves. Using a flathead screwdriver, carefully remove the valves from their seats without damaging the hydraulic base. A pen magnet comes in handy to remove the smaller pieces of the valve without losing them.

Wipe down the top of the play-in valve area and clean any foreign materials from the valve seats. Replace the release valve stem in the top block. Add that clean hydraulic oil into the valve seat area so that there is no air trapped in the new valves.

Replace the valves the same way they were removed and reassemble the palm tightening all the bolts appropriately.